Gingerbread House mild – Floragold tea

33,00 Lei
Fruity, aromatic, roasted almond-flavoured blend.

Refined ingredients are packaged in pyramid pouches, which allow their full infusion and dispersion of flavour throughout the container.
The pouches are made of natural materials, which do not affect the taste and aroma of the infusion at all, and after use they can be easily composted.

Ingredients: apple pieces (apple, acidifier: citric acid), hibiscus flowers, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), candied papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), red beet pieces, cinnamon, flavouring, raisins, coconut flakes, expanded rice.
1 box x 15 pyramid bags (4.5 g)
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The quality of Floragold teas is impeccable: exceptional ingredients, exquisite flavours, creative combinations and the ideal shape of the pyramid pouch offer a unique perceptive-tasting experience. Easy to use means that Floragold tea is always at hand and can be brewed quickly.
The plants, tea leaves and fruits are carefully selected; immediately after import they are tested in an accredited laboratory and only then processed for packaging.

The ingredients are chosen from the most beautiful orchards, gardens and growing areas, from a variety of varieties. Large pieces of fruit, whole leaves and the best parts of plants and herbs are selected. The blends are prepared according to meticulously composed, modern and creative recipes to 'load' the pyramid pouch with the optimum amount for infusion. The seductive aromas, unique tastes and remarkable appearance please most of the senses. Floragold teas "distill" a lot of power from nature: vitality, relaxation and tranquility.

At the same time, the creators of Floragold teas are concerned with functionality. The filtering material of the pyramid bags is 100% biodegradable and tasteless, the ingredients can optimally absorb liquid due to the volume of the bags. The fine structure ensures enjoyment by smell before preparation. Each one is individually wrapped, sealing in the flavour, to provide an intense taste afterwards. The quick and easy brewing ensures a necessary comfort when talking about tea breaks. Floragold teas, refined and intense, are suitable for beginners as well as for connoisseurs of the delicious hot beverage.

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