Crema One Imping (coffee beans) 500g

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This coffee blend is typically Swiss, designed to highlight the popular Schümli coffee taste (cafe creme).
The highly flavoured beans, from high altitude plantations, give an excellent creaminess. The coffee impresses with its rich, round and balanced aroma, with an expressive and pleasant taste. It is charming with its aroma when roasted and retains its natural taste with strong notes. It can be enjoyed as an espresso, but also as a café creme.

A coffee that can ideally be enjoyed without sugar, prepared as a 30ml espresso. The taste of a delicious espresso or cafe creme is achieved by adjusting the amount of coffee, the volume of water (maximum 110 ml for a long coffee), the temperature (high) and the grind (fine/extrafine).

Features: coffee beans, Arabica 70% & Robusta 30%, medium roast.
Brewing recommendation: filter, kettle, automatic or professional espresso machine.

Flavour: balanced. Intensity: 3.
Packaging in a controlled atmosphere guarantees preservation of taste and freshness.

Gramaj: 500g

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Coffee artisans since 1875, Imping Kaffee has received numerous awards from the German Coffee Producers Association.
5 reasons why this coffee is appreciated:
1. superior quality raw coffee - only the best varieties of coffee beans are processed, from high altitude plantations in the best growing areas in the world.
2. fairness - great value is placed on personal relationships with owners and growers of coffee, for fair and honest trading.
3. traditional roasting method - the coffee is roasted in a special drum at low temperatures; the coffee beans obtain their flavour through a gentle roasting process for 12-20 minutes.
4. awareness of the need for healthy consumption - due to the superior quality of the coffee beans and the roasting method, essential minerals and vitamins remain in the brewed coffee.
5. freshness - traditional production in relatively small quantities delivers only very fresh coffee with rich aroma and body; long storage leads to rapid loss of aroma and oxidation.
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